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Asagi Nakata - Piano


1- You are in your third year study at the Royal Academy of music, studying with Christoper Elton. How is this progressing?

I have actually only just started to study with Professor Christopher Elton. In my first two years and half, I studied with Professor Tatiana Sarkissova who I had been studying with before I joined the Academy. I am really enjoying my lessons with Professor Christopher Elton and I feel I have learnt many things from him already.

2- Is your family musical?

Yes, my family is musical. My mother is a pianist and my sister is a violinist so our house can get really noisy at times!

3- You have won or were a runner up in a whole number of competitions. Does any one particularly stand out?

The Liszt International Competition in Weimar was particularly memorable for me as Liszt has always been my favourite composer. Winning a competition associated with someone I respect and admire was a great honour.

4- In Poland you were invited as guest performer at the 64th Duszniki International Chopin piano festival. How did this honour feel like and what pieces did you perform?

I played works by Mendelssohn and Liszt. At the time, I was still very young so I do not think I was fully able to understand the enormity and the prestige of the event but looking back, I am incredibly envious of my past self for having been given this amazing opportunity.

5- How often do you practice?

I practice every day if I can. Very strangely, I have always enjoyed practicing the piano!

6- Would you consider teaching music in the future?

Of course, I would love to be able to pass down what all my past teachers have taught me. I think it is absolutely wonderful to be able to inspire students with music.

7- Who is your favourite musician and why?

I have many musicians I look up to, but if I absolutely had to choose a few they would be Daniel Barenboim and Murray Perahia. They all of course have an unbelievable knowledge of music but they also have vast knowledge on literature and life in general. I think this is what makes them so special.

8- Who would you love to duet with?

Martha Argerich - It would be a dream to play a duet with her!

9- Do you compose? What inspires you?

I used to compose music when I was very young for my parent’s birthday and perform it to them, but it was nothing serious and I know for sure that I should stick to performing other people’s music than trying to create my own! People and nature inspire me when I play.

10- What are your fondest musical memories, privately or performing?

I really enjoyed performing the Grieg Piano concerto with the Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra of South Bohemia at the Dvorak Hall in Prague. The atmosphere and acoustic there were incredible.

11- How do you balance work, study and a performance schedule?

It isn’t easy, but I try to be organised and I plan ahead. I also receive unbelievable amount of support from my family and friends which keeps me going- forever grateful to them!

submission June 2016

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