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Yana Khvan - Piano


Yana gave her first performance debut at the age of 10, and since then she has played both as a soloist and as a chamber musician in all major venues of Moscow including halls of Moscow Conservatory and halls of Moscow International House of Music. She also participated in music festivals across Russia and in Estonia.
Being a passionate chamber music player Yana has participated in numerous ensembles and was a student of the Head of Chamber music at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory Prof. A. Bonduryansky.

Yana is a prize winner in of several international competitions. She has also participated in masterclasses given by Prof. P.Donohoe, Prof. J. Gorus and E. Kunz.
Yana’s repertoire includes a large variety of styles from baroque to contemporary music. She is especially interested in music of Soviet composers such as S. Prokofiev, D. Shostakovich, A. Schnittke and M. Weinberg.

Being of Korean descent Russian-born pianist Yana Khvan began her studies at the Gnessin Moscow Special School of Music, where she studied with M.Egiazaryan. She later became a student at Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory, where she studied with Prof. J.Katsnelson and graduated in 2019 with Distinction. She is currently studying at the Royal Academy of Music with Prof. Joanna MacGregor. She is a recipient of the RAM Scholarship and also was awarded grants from the Zetland Foundation in 2020 and 2021. Since the spring of 2021 Yana is also supported by Talent Unlimited.

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