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Trio Cordiera


Trio Cordiera was established in 2016, bringing together three prize-winning young musicians: Antoine Préat (Piano, France), Hatty Haynes (Violin, UK) and Yanyan Lin (Cello, China). Yanyan Lin joined the ensemble in 2020, bringing his dynamic and passionate voice to the ensemble. The trio is composed of scholars from the Royal Academy of Music and the Guildhall School of Drama, where they have all been taught by world-renowned artists including So-Ock Kim, Krysia Osostowicz, Christopher Elton, Tatiana Sarkissova, Jo Cole and Christoph Richter.

The trio is currently mentored by Catherine Manson as part of the Chamberstudio programme. They have previously had extensive coaching with Amandine Savary and Jack Liebeck (Trio Dali, Trio Salieca), James Sleigh, Michael Dussek and Bengt Forsberg. They have previously been part of the Wigmore Learning Program, performing at Wigmore Hall and assisting with educational programmes.

Trio Cordiera have developed a keen interest in Historical Performance and the members regularly perform on period instruments. Their approach to learning repertoire is aimed towards a fresh and authentic interpretation, driven by a deep and methodical understanding of the score and the historical context, as well as an estimate of what it may have sounded like to the composer.

Members of the trio have collaborated with artists such as Alexander Melnikov, Andrew Marriner, Levon Chilingirian and Jerome Pernoo. Collectively, they have performed internationally in venues such as Wigmore Hall, Royal Festival Hall, Carnegie Hall, Salle Gaveau, and Salle Cortot and in countries such as Japan, China, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, America as well throughout France and the UK.

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