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Stefan Bulyha - Clarinet


Stefan Bulyha, was born in 2000 and grew up in Rivne, Ukraine. At the age of 8 he began to learn to play the clarinet at a music school. The first teacher was Mykola Protas laid a solid foundation for the game and taught the basics music. After graduating from high school he entered the college Glier KMAM, where he studied for 4 years. During his studies at the college he participated in 15 competitions, where he became a winner or laureate. In particular, he won the regional competition among schools of aesthetic education (Rivne city), the All-Ukrainian competition in memory of M. Tymokha (Kyiv), the International Ukrainian Music Competition I.S.M.U. in memory of M. Spozito (Kyiv), the II All-Ukrainian competition of young performers on wooden wind instruments in honor of Professor KE Muelberg (Odessa), the international competition in memory of V. Starchenko (Rivne). He received the first prize CHAMBER MUSIC AWARD for the best performance of Bela Bartok's work "Contrasts" in the chamber ensemble - Stefan Bulyga - clarinet (Ukraine), Clara Shubilske - violin (USA), Jada Campbell - piano (USA) at the Zodiac Music Academy & Festival (France, Nice) and second prize of the Silverstein Global Clarinet Contest (USA, New Jersey).

Stefan took clarinet master classes from the following musicians: Piotr Lato (Poland), Chen Halevi, Francois Draux, Samuel Bertod, Kliment Krylowsky (France), Nicola Jürgensen, Norbert Kaiser (Germany), Gabor Varga (Hungary).

But most of all he owes his college teacher Roman Vovk, who helped him the most for his growth and development as a future musician.

In December 2020, Stefan successfully auditioned for the Royal Academy of Music and received a full scholarship for study.

Currently Stefan is a member of such orchestras - YsOU / Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine and Pancaucasian Youth Orchestra.

As of February 2021, Stefan had the honour of joining the Talent Unlimited family. He is grateful for the support of Talent Unlimited and the Royal Academy of Music.

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