Review of the Nadav Hertzka Concert hosted by the charity ‘Talent Unlimited’, 4 October 2012

“The young Nadav Hertzka highlights his virtuosity in his very elegant and touching interpretation of Tchaikovsky’s The Seasons. It is so rare yet so refreshing to hear such passion flying out of an instrument so beautifully played by this young pianist. The depth in his nuances and phrases are proof of great maturity.

Tchaikovsky’s The Seasons sometimes lets joy and sometimes lets sorrow surround you as your soul travels through these beautiful imaginary sceneries of picturesque Russia.

The venue, small yet intimate creates the perfect environment for the audience to let themselves be carried away and dream under the guidance of Nadav Hertzka’s delicate musicality.”

Signed AB

“Nadav Hertzka opened the second half of his recital with Nicolai Medtner’s Sonata Reminiscenza, op. 38 no.1. Hertzka’s lyrical approach to the introductory theme of this Sonata was well-balanced, thanks to his control over the structure of the piece. Throughout the Sonata, he successfully captured both its melancholy and virtuosity with his wide ranging dynamics and technique. His carefully chosen tempos allowed him to reveal the composer’s densely textured writing, based on the use of modal harmonies, whole tone scale, contrapuntal writing and complex rhythmic structures. Hertzka concluded his recital with a compelling performance of Liszt/Wagner’s Rienzi Fantasy.”

Signed Dr Donat Bayer