Review of the Concert hosted by the charity 'Talent Unlimited' - SONGS OF LOVE AND SEDUCTION

The charity concert titled 'Songs of Love and Seduction: from Opera and Musical Theatre' organised by Talent Unlimited for the benefit of music students in London and the Macmillan Cancer Support Charity was enjoyed by 200 music lovers, including the music critic Bill Newman. The concert held on 26th April 2012 featured the soprano Alison Guill, mezzo-soprano Clare Presland, tenor Nicky Spence and bass-baritone Leslie MacLeod-Miller.

The organiser Canan Maxton stated that despite his busy schedule he was grateful for the attendance of the famous tenor Nicky Spence and thanked all the attending artists and audience for their support of the benefitting charities. One of the foremost Turkish pianists, Gülsin Onay, who also attended the event, had this appraisal of the evening:

"As the founder of the charity 'Talent Unlimited', Canan Maxton has provided support to many young talents and has done much to allow these budding musicians to take their first steps in establishing their performance careers. I have also lent a hand in these efforts with my own supporting concerts and in the coming year we plan to collaborate in further projects.

Many of our supported students in London are already performing with great prowess and promise; for example the young pianist Salihcan Gevrek 4 years ago won the Kamuran Gündemir piano competition and he plays really well. Emre Engin is also an outstanding violinist already and he will later perform in the Istanbul Festival. Donat Bayer has recently finished his phd doctorate and as a musicologist is already writing books a valuable contribution to arts and a pride for Turkey. Ayşe Deniz Gökçin is already a pianist who has proven her skill and has engaged in a variety of interesting projects and has plans set afoot to open a new music academy in New York. And there are others we are nurturing and supporting in different ways, and I wish them all success in their paths and with them our artistic skies will be clear and sunny..."

Açık Gazete