Review of the Concert hosted by the charity ‘Talent Unlimited’ held on 17th June 2011

AyşeDeniz Gökçin opened her programme last week with Apres Une Lecture de Dante. I didn’t know this dramatic Franz Liszt Fantasia quasi Sonata which was inspired by Dante’s Inferno and I was grateful for her notes. Chopin’s Sonata Op.35 No.2 in Bflat Minor followed. Composed in 1838, the signature movement Marche Funebre must be known to everybody as it is used so often in films and for public funerals including his own in 1849. As usual though, the sadness in his music is balanced by a joyous movement and the audience joined AyşeDeniz in her obvious enjoyment of the Mazurka.

Next, she gave us Fazıl Say’s Paganini Jazz Variations. At just 31, the pianist Say is already a veteran of the concert halls, of recordings and of festivals. He is also a prolific composer/arranger of music for the theatre, ballet and the cinema. As well as jazz, his experimental music includes working with Mercan Dede.

Talent (truly) Unlimited - the title could have been invented for this charming pretty girl who is an extremely accomplished pianist.

The last item on her programme illustrated her musical versatility. She is currently working on turning Pink Floyd songs into classical compositions for piano and orchestra, mostly in the style of Liszt, celebrating the 200th anniversary of his birth; several prominent orchestras have already expressed interest in including AyşeDeniz in their 2012 programmes. The piece, her spirited adaptation of Another Brick in the Wall by Roger Waters of Pink Floyd, took just six minutes to totally engross the enthusiastic audience.

Sally Mustoe
20th June 2011

AyşeDeniz Gökçin