Review of the Concert hosted by the charity 'Talent Unlimited', held on 28th January 2011

Last night, Talent Unlimited offered a concert performance by Emre Engin, accompanied by Alison Rhind the globe-trotting pianist who is widely known for her radio and television work. 19 year old violinist Emre's programme included Bach, Beethoven, Saint-Saens and "Dream of Gilgamesh" by Savaş who had flown to London specially for this UK premiere. Emre was his pupil in Turkey and is now in his first year at the Royal College of Music which is not far from last night's venue, amid the elegant gleaming Steinway pianos.

Emre's sensitive playing of the violin and piano Sonata Op.12 illustrated why Offenbach is one of several composers who are purported to have commented on Beethoven's personal enjoyment of his own work. It wasn't just familiarity which coloured my pleasure in his spirited rendition of the Bach; my two and a half year old granddaughter Olivia has just started ballet lessons and has claimed the Gavotte as 'her music'!

The audience showed their appreciation of Mesruh Savaş' composition and, as usual, in the Saint-Saens, I marvelled at the beautiful sounds eminating from a litte wooden box.

Many in the audience knew the Saygun piece Emre chose as encore. Friends and supporters of Talent Unlimited's creator Canan Maxton included the musicologist Emre Aracı who had exciting news about his current ballet project with a storyline based on music by Sultan Murat V. The pianist Keith Beresford is hoping to interest Emre in another fascinating subject after the ballet is produced in Ankara mid-summer. Keith will be one of 9 musicians featured in Talent Unlimited's next concert, the details of which can be accessed in this pdf flier

Sally Mustoe, 29 January 2011

Alison Rhind