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Zoé Saubat - cello


Zoé Saubat born in 1990 in Bayonne, France, began to study cello at the age of seven with Emmanuelle Bacquet at the Conservatoire of Bayonne. She studied at the same time chamber music, orchestra, piano and analysis. She won the first price at the UFAM’s competition in 2001. She passed her final examination of cello and chamber music in 2005, with the highest mention. Then, she went to Paris to study with Romain Garioud, a world-recognized concertist. In 2009, she specialized with Hélène Dautry at the Conservatoire of Paris and she obtained her prize of ‘perfectionnement concertiste’ with congratulations in June 2011.

She often plays with the French pianist Laïla Barnat ( They have already done a large repertory (Beethoven’s sonata op.2, Brahms’s sonata op.1, Piazzola, Prokofiev, Chopin, Janacek, Fauré, Rachmaninov, Debussy, Schubert, Frank, Schumann). In addition Zoé created the Kliho duo with pianist Laïla Barnat and the two young musicians performed in France (festival La Dame des Aulnes, festival Les Utopies), Denmark and London (festival Debussy at the Royal College of Music, master class with Jérôme Ducros, concerts at St Stephens Church, St Mary Abbots Church, Claremont Center), in the Basque country, and in the festival (

In addition Zoé participated in: Académie Ravel, festival de Prades where she played with Philippe Muller and François Salque, Les Arcs, les Rencontres Musicales de Saint-Cézaire where she performed the Schubert quintet with Romain Garioud at the festival Artenetra.

Zoé did a lot of contemporary music at the Conservatoire of Paris with Edith Canat de Chizy, with Philippe Hersant at the Artenetra’s festival ( in Poitou Charentes, France. She also participated in the creation of contemporary dance piece called ‘La Follia' with the Chantier’s company which played all around France ( She worked with numerous world-famous teachers: Philippe Muller, Xavier Gagnepain, Roland Pidoux, Luis Claret, Emmanuelle Bertrand, Philippe Bary.

Zoé is also a graduate in Litterature from the University of the Sorbonne in Paris. She is currently studying cello at the prestigious Royal College of Music of London. She has performed in numerous concerts venues in London (St Paul’s Cathedral, etc.). She has also played at the Wigmore Hall with her string quartet in April 2012. Zoé combines her passion for chamber music with a deep work on solo cello repertoire (concertos, sonatas) and with orchestral practice. She founded the Andromeda trio, with Benjamin Carré and Francesco Ionascu. They play in London, France and Romania, and will participate in the Parkhouse Award competition in April 2013. They recorded Chausson trio and Mozart trio in B flat Major. She also plays with pianist Oxana Shevchenko and violonist Emre Engin.

Zoé is regularly the leader of cello section in Philharmonic Orchestra, String Band and Symphonic Orchestra at the Royal College of Music. She is part of the Brillig Ensemble, which is an orchestral ensemble without any conductor.

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