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Mehmet Erhan Tanman, composer


Mehmet Erhan Tanman was born in Istanbul, 1989. He started music with the TRT [Turkish State Radio and Television] Children’s Choir, and continued his high school and university in the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University [MSFAU] State Conservatory, in Istanbul, studied both composition with Prof. Dr. Hasan Uçarsu, Prof. Dr. Özkan Manav and piano with Prof. Selen Bucak.

He had his first concert as a composer with MSFAU Symphony Orchestra at the age of 16, then he had his first commission from the Sonus Brass Ensemble (Austria) at the age of 19. After this early commission he had several commissions and projects both from Turkey and Europe; the Triage Modern Music Ensemble (Germany) in 2010, the La Mer String Quartet (Switzerland) in 2011, the Presidential Symphony Orchestra (Turkey) in 2011, the Antalya State Symphony Orchestra (Turkey) in 2012, the TalkingDrums Percussion Trio (Germany) in 2012 and the Deutsche Welle (Germany) in 2012. Two profile concerts were organized on his name, in December 2009 and January 2012, in Istanbul. His piece ‘Ocean Waves’ which was commissioned and premiered by the Presidential Symphony Orchestra conducted by Cem Mansur, is going to be performed in 2012 by the Antalya State Symphony Orchestra conducted by Orhan Şallıel, and by the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra conducted by Işın Metin in 2013.

As the most important project developing since 2011, his most important commissoned piece ‘The Traffic’ by the Deutsche Welle is going to be premiered on 17-19-22 September in Berlin, in Bonn as a part of BeethovenFest Bonn 2012, and in Bruxelles by the Turkey National Youth Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Cem Mansur.

In September 2013, Tanman is going to continue his composition studies in Karlsruhe, Germany, with Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Rihm. Nowadays he has been studying with the assistance of a Goethe Institut Scholarship in Turkey.

Tanman is also a writer-member of Andante Classical Music Magazine and organizes composition workshops in titled ‘Composition for Everyone’