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Bo Lyu - Piano


1. Who was your first piano teacher?

My aunt was my first piano teacher, she taught me the piano when I was 7 years old.

2. Is your family musical?

Yes, I was very lucky to be born in a musical family. My father was a trumpet player, and my mother played the piano as a hobby when she was young. And actually my brother and sister learned the piano in Germany and America, so I have quite a nice music scene in my family.

3. You graduated from the middle school affiliated to Shenyang Conservatory of Music under the leadership of Danwen Wei. How do you recall this period and training under this master?

Mr Danwen Wei is an admirable musician and educator; he has an extraordinary piano technique and a unique musical insight. But actually his greatest influence on me was to teach me how to behave — musicians should always have a pure heart towards music.

4. You are currently studying piano with Joanna MacGregor and chamber music with Michael Dussek at the Royal Academy of Music. How is this progressing?

It’s really my honour that I can follow professor Joanna MacGregor and Michael Dussek during my BMus programme. Professor Joanna MacGregor gives me plenty of new ideas to my music and she really broadens my music horizons.

5. Can you share with us an abiding memory in connection with one of your performances or competitions?

The most memorable performance for me was my first recital when I was 15 years old. I still remember I chose a really challenging programme for that concert - Schubert Sonata, Chopin b minor sonata, 6 Rachmaninoff Etudes and Stravinsky’s Petrushka. The first recital is always the most memorable.

6. How often do you practice?

Well… it’s really hard to say… normally I practice 4 hours during the semester and 6 hours during the vacation. I believe practice makes perfect.

7. Would you consider teaching music in the future?

Yes indeed, I think teaching is the responsibility for all musicians. And actually I have been teaching some student in the weekends recently.

8. Who is your favourite musician and why?

So many great musicians I admire… I think my favourite musician is Vladimir Horowitz, one of the best pianists in the world. He has the best piano technique and sound changes. Among the new generation of pianists, Daniil Triffnov is my favourite. I think he has very delicate emotions and he can convey all of them on the piano.

9. How do you balance your study, performance and leisure times? What are the biggest sacrifices?

I don’t think I sacrificed anything… I love to play the piano, and all of my academic courses help me to explore music more deeply. I have a quite busy schedule in the first half of this year, but I believe this makes my life more fulfilling and meaningful.

10. Would you share with us your projects for the future please?

I just want to share my music to a greater audience, and I hope more people will enjoy my playing and to perceive how great music is. I believe music gives me a more colourful life, as I think music is an unpredictable element. Actually it is why music attracts me. I don’t know where the future lies, but at least I feel very lucky for now.

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submission February 2016