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Kirill Zheleznov - Piano


Kirill Zheleznov - Russian concert pianist and a composer currently based in Madrid. He is studying at the Reina Sofía School of Music, Madrid, for a master's degree with Professor Milana Chernyavska, Claudio Martinez-Mehner (Associate Professor) and Denis Lossev (Deputy Professor). In 2021 Kirill graduated from the Royal College of Music, London, with outstanding results where he studied with John Byrne and Sofya Gulyak. Kirill was nominated for many awards during his studies at the Royal College of Music and became an artist of Talent Unlimited Trust in 2020. Since childhood, he has performed in numerous concert halls such as Vienna Concert Hall in Vienna, Austria, and Yehudi Menuhin Hall in Brussels, Belgium. Kirill performed his first solo recital at St. Petersburg House of Music Concert Hall in 2015, aged 19. The most recent Kirill's successes in international piano competitions include the first prize as well as 2 award-concerts in Italy at the international piano competition "Città di Arona" 2021, the Grand Prize at the XVIII Crimean Spring International Music Competition, the second prize at the Franz Liszt Centre Piano Competition and the third prize at the VI Odin International Music Competition. In 2018 Kirill was also awarded the second prize and the special prize for the best performance of the given composition at the Classic Pure Vienna International Music Competition.

Kirill graduated from the St. Petersburg Mussorgsky College of Music (Russia) in 2016 where he studied with Tatiana Osipova. Since then, he has become a prize winner in many international piano competitions, and he has also actively participated in numerous festivals and master classes across Russia and other European countries. Kirill also participated in various programs sponsored by state authorities (including the Russian Ministry of Education) and by well-known multinational companies. As a student he became acquainted with film music and realised that he wants to become not only a concert pianist but a film composer. Therefore, Kirill started to participate in production of films as a film composer. Since then, he collaborated with many directors such as Alena Mikhailina, Valery Ushakov and Andrew Klementev.

The most recent Kirill's collaboration as a composer is a score and production of soundtracks for the play 'While It was Raining' (dir. Valery Ushakov) presented by the theatre 'S.A.D.' (Moscow). This play is going to be distributed by 'Stage Russia HD' company across the Globe in 2021. In 2019 he composed a score and produced soundtracks for Alena Mikhailina's musical 'An Eye for a Window' which won Cannes Corporate Media & TV Award for the 'Best Student Film'. Kirill Zheleznov also significantly contributed to production of movies by composing soundtracks in collaboration with the St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television.

updated October 2021