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Jaeyong Nam - Clarinet


Jaeyong Nam is a clarinetist at the Royal Academy of Music, where he studies with Chris Richards, Mark Van de Wiel and Timothy Lines.

Jaeyong was born in Korea, but later on moved to study abroad in Shanghai, China and Manchester and now London.

He began learning the clarinet when he was 9 years old. Since moving to Shanghai, China in 2008, he self-taught the clarinet until he went on to study at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester with Nicholas Cox, Chris Swann and Antonio Salguero with an entrance scholarship.

During his time in China, Jaeyong had also toured in many cities across the country, performing in several major concert halls such as the Shanghai Symphony Hall and the Qingdao Concert Hall as a part of the Yew Chung Foundation Orchestra and the New Shanghai Orchestra.

As an orchestral musician, Jaeyong also has performed under numerous renowned conductors such as Jac Van Steen and Robert Trevino. Highlight of his recent orchestral playing includes performing Beethoven’s symphony No.8 with Lorrenza Borrani, the leader of the Chamber Orchestra of Europe.

He has also recently participated in masterclasses featuring world-renowned clarinetists from all around the World such as Andreas Ottensamer, Gabor Varga, Patrick Messina and Romain Guyot.

Jaeyong is grateful for the support from the Talent Unlimited.

submission December 2019