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Ivan Rogachev - Clarinet


Ivan Rogachev is a diverse clarinetist balancing his career between solo, orchestra and chamber music.

In 2022, Ivan made his debut at Wigmore Hall as a chamber musician performing an arrangement of Mahler 4th symphony for an ensemble. During 2022 he has been selected to perform 1st clarinet in a symphony projects with such conductors as: John Wilson, Sir Mark Elder, Adam Hickox, Barbara Hannigan and others. In 2023 he is going to perform side-by-side with London sinfonietta orchestra as a 2nd and bass clarinetist. From 2023 Ivan is also generously supported by Talent Unlimited.

As an orchestral musician, he won a position at Britten-Shostakovich Festival Orchestra in 2019 and a solo clarinet position at London Sinfonietta Academy in 2020. In 2021, Ivan won principal position of Russian national youth orchestra, in which he hasn’t performed since the war started. He has performed with professional orchestras such as: Southbank Sinfonia, London Sinfonietta, Saint-Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra, Tolyatti Philharmonic Orchestra, London Film Music Orchestra and others.

In 2019 he has been accepted by Royal Academy of Music with a full scholarship to study in London with Christopher Richards, Benjamin Mellefont and Mark Van de Wiel and graduated with a First-Class Honors as well as “Regency award” for excellence in studying. During his first year of undergraduate he won prestigious Hattori Foundation senior Award, during his second year he became one of the awardees of the Cherubim Trust Foundation and received a bass clarinet from them. At the same time, he has received a several grants from Gartow Foundation to support his participation in many master-classes in Germany and Belgium. During his studies he won first prize at the “Buffet-Crampon” competition at the Royal Academy of Music. He has been awarded a “Special Talent” diploma at Brugges clarinet Festival in 2019 for the solo performance. In 2022, he won Drake Calleja Trust scholarship.

Ivan won several national, chamber and international competitions including “Weber clarinet competition” in Russia. In UK he has already performed wide range of repertoire with varied groups. Since the age of 16 Ivan was selected as an artist of Saint-Petersburg House of Music and has been performing chamber music and solo concerts in most prestigious halls in Russia and abroad.

Ivan is grateful for support during his studies to: The Hill Foundation, Hattori Foundation, Drake Calleja Trust, Gartow Foundation and the Royal Academy of Music.

submission December 2023