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Ezgi Sarıkçıoğlu - Violin


Ezgi Sarikcioglu was born in 1994, Adana Turkey. She succeeded the exams of Çukurova University State Conservatory where she began her violin studies with Ferhang Huseynov. She resumed her violin studies in Istanbul University State Conservatory with Sevil Ulucan Weinstein in 2013 and gave solo concerts around the country.

She had several concerts such as “Great Bolgar Music Festival” in Russia-Kazan, Istanbul Galatasaray Lisesi recital concert with pianist Can Okan, and İş Sanat “Parlayan Yıldızlar” recital concert with Gülnare Şekinskaya. Furthermore, she performed the Vivaldi Concerto for two violins with the distinguished violinist, Cihat Aşkın and the Karşıyaka Chamber Orchestra conducted by Rengim Gökmen.

She was honored with several prizes including 1st prize at the “Berlin International Music Competition - Sforzando”, 1st prize at the “Internet Music Competition”, 1st prize at the Paris Slave De Musique Conservatory competition called “We Play Together”, 2nd prize at the 10th International Independent Music Competition called “Individualis”, a 1st prize at Turkey/Edirne Mimar Sinan Rotary Club Organization called “19th International Young Musicians Chamber Music Competition” with Spettro Quartet.

She participated in several masterclasses and had lessons with many outstanding violinists such as Lukas David, Pierre Amoyal, Ani Schnarch, Cihat Aşkın, Hakan Sensoy, Shlomo Mintz, Zakhar Bron, Victor Danchenko, Mincho Minchev, Ellen Jewett, Angel Stankov and Davide Alogna. Additionally, she has periodic coaching sessions with the prominent violinist Cihat Aşkın since 2013.

Ezgi Sarıkçıoğlu graduated from Istanbul University State Conservatory from Sevil Ulucan Weinstein’s class with a “highest ranked student” degree. She is going to continue her postgraduate studies with the internationally renowned pedagogue Itzhak Raskovsky at the Royal College of Music.

Ezgi Sarikcioglu is generously sponsored by; RCM which is donored by Daniel Meyer, Talent Unlimited, Nejat Eczacıbaşı Foundation and Association of Contemporary Education (Çağdaş Eğitim Vakfı) which is donored by QNB Finansbank; and plays on John Nebel 1887.

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