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Elif Ece Cansever - Violin


Turkish violinist Elif Ece Cansever gave her first concert accompanied by an orchestra in 2005 at the Middle East Technical University (METU). Along with the activities she participated in the school, she also gave recitals at Ankara Fine Arts High School, Konya Selcuk University, Presidential Symphony’s Concert Hall and orchestra-accompanied concerts at METU, Kemal Kurdas and Meb Sura Halls. She appeared in the “Small Hands, Big Talents” concert program held in Istanbul and broadcast on NTV television. She won the second prize at the 3rd National Gulden Turali Violin Competition organized in October 2008 in Mersin. She gave concerts with the Mersin University Chamber Orchestra and the Bursa Regional State Symphony Orchestra. She performed Saint Saens’ Introduction Rondo Capriccioso under the baton of Dağhan Doğu in 2014 and Jean Sibelius Violin Concerto under the baton of Rengim Gökmen in 2017 with the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra. She attended Bilkent Music Days as a first violinist of Bilkent Quintet, she also played a lot of concerts in orchestra. She studied composition with Tolga Yayalar and performed her own work at the Young Composers Young Interpreters Concert. For the next 2018-2019 season she will give a concert with the Turkish Presidential Symphony Orchestra in Ankara.

Elif Ece Cansever is currently continuing her studies with Rasim Bağırov in Grade 12 at the Music and Performing Arts High School of Bilkent University. Beginning from the next year she is going to study with valuable teachers at Royal College of Music in London.

submission October 2018