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Clara Garde - Harp


Born in a musical family, Clara quickly showed an interest in music from an early age. She began playing the violin at the age of four, and later discovered the harp. She immediately fell in love with the sound of this instrument, and started taking lessons with Claire Chové in France.

After obtaining her French music degree, Clara moved to London to study violin at the Royal Academy of Music, with Lydia Mordkovitch and Remus Azoitei, and carried on studying harp as a second instrument with Catherine White.

During her studies, Clara performed in front of Emmanuel Ceysson and Isabelle Perrin for a series of masterclass, but also won several awards at some renowned competitions (Third Prize at the Camac Competition in London, Second Prize at The 7th International Harp Competition at Limoges, France). In the meantime, Clara also had the opportunity to perform at some festivals across London (Proms at St Judes, Harp on Wight Festival).

She is now studying at the Royal College of Music for her Artist Diploma, both in violin and harp, with Maciej Rakowski and Ieuan Jones. She is planning to record a violin and harp CD, and is also working on organizing artistic projects mixing different cultures and arts together. On the other hand, she recently joined Talent Unlimited, a supporting organization giving her opportunities to perform and network in London.

Clara owns a Lyon and Healy Grand Concert Harp, and she is very thankful to be a Royal College of Music Scholar, helping supporting her studies.

updated June 2020