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Alexi Musnitsky - Piano


For musicians with ambition to do so, deciding to launch a career as a recording artist will occur at some point in the person's timeline.. Some start early, some at a mid-point and others later in life. Alexi Musnitsky definitely falls into the early stage. Despite being only 20 years old, he has already attracted the attention of no less stellar a talent than Will Ackerman, the Grammy-winning founder of Windham Hill Records and now the man behind Imaginary Road Studios, arguably the hottest place to record instrumental music in today's contemporary music scene. To have Ackerman (and co-producer/engineer Tom Eaton) contact you and ask you to come to their studio for your first recording—well, you can well imagine how that felt to the quiet, reserved young man. "As a rookie…to be chosen by Will Ackerman, to play with four-time Grammy winner [cellist] Eugene Friesen and work with Tom Eaton has been an experience that humbles you as much as you feel honored to share the room with them."

Born in New Mexico in 1995, Alexi, with his parents and sister, soon moved to Paris where they have resided for most of Alexi's 20 years. After watching his sister play the piano at a small performance, Alexi decided to try the piano as well and jumped right into formal lessons at the age of 4. He took to the instrument as if fated to play it. Immersed in classical lessons (and that was the only music he played until recently), he was fortunate with his first teacher to get someone "…who was supportive for such a young player and particularly open to letting me feel my own way as opposed to following strict rules." In his formative years, he was fortunate once again, this time by becoming a pupil of the renowned Russian classical pianist, Marina Ravor. Unlike some protégés, though, Alexi did not aspire for accolades. "Playing piano has been something I do for myself. I was never interested in competitions," although he did win first prize in the Flame International Piano Competition, the one and only time he entered. While he rejected competition, he loved performing in front of people. On a family vacation at a large resort in Catalonia, the resident pianist asked the young man to take over and play to those who were in attendance, even though "I was so small that people couldn't see me behind the piano." In recent years, he has enjoyed playing both for pleasure or, more importantly, at charity benefits and events.

When he turned 18, Alexi started composing his own music; it just came to him naturally. Being a child of the digital age, he hooked up an output line from the piano to a computer, made some home recordings, and then posted them on the website The music garnered a lot of hits and many favorable comments and eventually led to him being named as an upcoming artist by the French/Belgian Project Daybreak, which features interviews and articles on rising stars in the music business. Shortly after that was when Will Ackerman reached out to Alexi and asked him to come to Imaginary Road Studios to record his debut album, Zia. "…knowing who Will Ackerman and Eugene Friesen are, I am amazed at their support, attention and generosity towards me."

Currently, Alexi is finishing his final year at the Paris School of Business, completing his BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration). Even though he is passionate about music, he's deeply involved in his studies, too. "I…really enjoy certain aspects of business, especially the creative side of business development and new business creation." His true "second passion" (as he refers to it), is sailing, which he also started at an early age. Spending summers with his grandparents on the Brittany coast (they lived next to one of the most prestigious sailing schools in France) provided him ample opportunities which he took full advantage of. He currently holds national sailing instructor certification teaching at all levels of competition.

Whether he is performing one of his own piano compositions and holding an audience spellbound with his reflective melodies, learning about new and creative ways to do business, or piloting a sailboat off the coast of France, Alexi Musntisky is embracing the challenges of the journey which rise up to meet him with his youthful enthusiasm and quiet strength.

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submission January 2017