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Adam Heron - Piano


Adam ​Heron ​was ​born ​in ​​Hong ​Kong ​in ​1999. At ​the ​age ​of ​seven ​he ​​was ​awarded with ​a ​scholarship ​to join Gloucester Cathedral Choir, directed by Adrian Partington. ​​From ​2012 ​until ​2017 ​he ​studied at the ​​Wells ​Cathedral ​School with ​Richard ​​Ormrod and ​​Hilary ​Coates. ​​Adam is currently a scholar at the Royal Academy of Music in the class of Christopher ​Elton, and he has ​​enjoyed​​ numerous ​successes ​at ​both ​ ​national ​and ​international ​competitions. He won the Irish Heritage Music Award 2017, following a performance at Wigmore Hall, London. He was ​unanimously ​​awarded ​first ​prize ​at ​the ​Junior ​Intercollegiate ​Beethoven Competition 2017, and was selected to perform in the category final of BBC Young Musician 2018. ​​He ​holds ​the ​titles ​of ​​both ​Gloucestershire ​Young ​Musician ​2016 ​and Taunton ​Young ​Musician ​2016, ​and ​is ​a ​laureate ​of ​the ​Young ​Pianist ​of ​the ​North ​International ​​Piano Competition ​in ​Newcastle. ​Recently ​he ​played ​works ​by ​Balakirev ​and ​Scriabin ​at ​the ​residence ​of the ​British ​Ambassador ​in ​Kiev, ​Ukraine, ​and he ​also toured ​Hong ​Kong ​with ​the ​acclaimed ​cellist ​Jamie Walton. Closer to home, Adam has performed ​at ​The ​Cheltenham ​Music ​Festival, ​The ​Elgar ​​Room, ​and ​The ​Bath ​Pump Rooms ​where ​he ​showcased ​his ​own ​compositions ​for ​violin ​and ​piano.

He ​was ​recently ​invited ​to ​perform ​Mozart ​Piano ​Concerto K. 271 with ​the ​Chineke! ​​Orchestra, ​directed ​by ​the ​American ​conductor ​Jonathon ​Heyward. He ​has ​received ​masterclasses ​from ​several ​eminent ​figures, ​such ​as ​Stephen ​Hough, ​John ​Lill, ​and Imogen ​Cooper, ​and ​was ​recently offered ​a ​recording ​contract ​with ​the ​KNS ​Classical ​label. ​​Adam is ​very ​grateful ​to ​be ​supported generously by the ​Hattori ​Foundation.

submission February 2018