Richard Pinkstone - Tenor
25, 29 June, 1, 7, 9 July 2017
Title Role - Albert Herring, Benjamin Britten, The Grange Festival, Hampshire


Michael Lan - Piano
29 June 2017
Recital at Royal Grammar School, Guildford, to include works by Scarlatti, Beethoven, Arvo Pärt, and Schubert


Gerard Aimontche - Piano
Sunday 16 July 2017, 6.30 pm
Chineke! Orchestra - Part of Classical Season, Southbank Centre, London


Talent Unlimited is a new charity (reg no: 1139220) that aims to provide financial support to music students.

Talent Unlimited is a young charity that provides financial support to music students of exceptional talent but limited means. Talent, past performance and financial background are taken into consideration when assessing those who are selected for help.

Lack of funding leads many talented young individuals to abandon the field of music as it becomes impossible or at least cripplingly difficult to maintain their studies while working in various part-time jobs to survive. One has to have either rich parents or be incredibly lucky and resilient to flourish. Students have to pay exceptionally high fees when attending prestigious music schools and colleges in London and on many occasions by the time they reach post-graduate levels their resources have all but dried up. This is the point at which a charity like Talent Unlimited can be called upon for help.

Talent Unlimited, through its donations, concerts, conferences and other events aims at creating an environment conducive to the development of young musical talent.

Please help us in our work by making donations. You can find gift aid forms on our website. All those who work for Talent Unlimited are volunteers.

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Friends of Talent Unlimited

Talent Unlimited, through its donations, concerts, conferences and other events aims at creating an environment conducive to the development of young musical talent.

The students we support come from all over the world. The college fees for students coming from UK and the EU are £9500 per annum (approx). Those coming from outside the EU zone need to find £21000 for their fees. All students need to find £9000-11500 per annum for their living expenses, including rent. So a student coming from a non-EU country needs to have a minimum of £30000 per annum to survive in London and also to pay his school fees. This is of course a huge amount and although most of our students find scholarships or sponsorships via their colleges, they still need substantial amounts to continue with their studies. We lend a hand to at least 12 music students per annum and give out about £12000-13000 in total. So far this money has come from ticket sales and small donations. Our aim at this point in the life of our charity is to find corporate sponsorships or very generous individuals to help us with our work. We can continue to do what we have been doing but we can be so much more successful if we had your help.

There are many ways to support Talent Unlimited. You can make a donation, volunteer for distributing TU flyers around London, fundraise for us or become a Talent Unlimited Friend:

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We are honoured that the prestigious magazine dedicated to Turkish Culture, Cornucopia, has published a 3 page article on the story of Talent Unlimited in its latest issue (no: 55), out now. We would like to thank all our supporters present and past that have been instrumental in bringing the charity to its current prominence. Read article: